Moonlight Manta Ray

Why We Love It -  We agree 100% with what the The Travel Channel called, “One of the top ten things to do in your lifetime.” It is SPECTACULAR!


Start your adventure with a moonlight sail aboard the Hokulani, Sea Paradise’s spacious 45-foot trimaran. Your destination is the World Famous Manta Ray Village off the Kona Coast. Going on a manta ray night snorkel in Hawaii is an otherworldly and unforgettable experience. The Travel Channel says, “It’s one of the top ten things to do in your lifetime.”


Enjoy a moonlight sail aboard our spacious trimaran, the Hokulani, to the world famous, Manta Ray Village. Manta rays are gentle giants of the sea, with many residing along the Kona Coast. Harmless to humans, they are drawn to the spotlights that light up the night to eat plankton.These mesmerizing creatures sometimes gracefully glide within inches of awe-struck snorkelers. Swimming with manta rays is often the highlight of visitors’ trips to Hawaii. We are the original manta ray tour expert in Hawaii, helping its guests get up close and personal with these majestic creatures since 1985. 


For our snorkeling guests, our crew will guide you onto our state-of-the-art “manta floatation device.” Guests of all ages and skill levels can hold onto this float that drifts above the manta rays. You’ll watch in awe as these majestic manta rays glide and loop, feeding on microscopic plankton attracted to the light sources attached to the float.To wrap up your amazing Hawaii snorkel tour, we’ll provide some light snacks and a warm cup of hot cocoa for your sail home. Snorkel time is approximately 45 minutes. Don’t want to snorkel? That’s okay too. For our ride-along guests, you can watch the majestic manta rays from the comfort of our 45-foot trimaran.

Transportation is not included to get to this tour. This tour is on the Big Island.

Seasonal: 6pm, 6:30pm, 8:30pm, 9pm
Duration 1.5 hours
Location Kona

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Cancellations require 24 hour advance notice on regular charters from check in time. Cancellations require a 72 hour notice on private charters from check in time.

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Manta Rays are a wild marine animal. Sea Paradise does not guarantee the sighting of a Manta Ray. If a manta ray isn’t seen the night of your trip. Return free on any regularly scheduled Manta Ray experience during the next 7 days. Space available and advanced reservation required for return trip. THIS IS NOT A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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